Tyr Imras

The holy walled city of Imras, Father Light. This city is the seat of the Holy Imrassan and home to the majority of the clergy.

It is located in the middle of a flat, featureless prairie. Originally placed on the site of a monastery

The city is essentially one giant temple and houses all manner of clergy as well as the Holy Imrassan’s private guard of 10,000 Light Touched holy warriors.

Tyr Imras is dominated by Beacon Hill, a low mound around which the city is built. On top of the hill is The Beacon itself. This large and imposing tower dominates the horizon for miles around and is where the Holy Imrassan lives. It is commonly believed that from this position he is able to watch over all the followers of Imras, wherever they may be.

The city is encircled by a stout wall 25 feet thick at its base, 15 feet thick at its top and 25 feet in height. The almost perfect circularity, angled walls and dominance provided by The Beacon of any potential battlefield makes the city nigh on impregnable to attack or siege. Add to this any attackers unwillingness to offend Imras and the city is considered impossible to take.

Tyr Imras

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